Sunday, August 19, 2012

Morning Walk

As the day dawned
I strolled out of my slumber.

Bare-footed on the misty grass,
I walked slowly, softly.

The cold morning light
washed me down,
and rid me thus
of the fatigue of sleep,
and the crushing burden
of my inflated self.

Countless morning birds
sang a sweet morning song
into my bruised ears,
and hushed out the resident torment,
of my neighbour's hateful banter,
of yesterdays, yestermonths, yesteryears.

And in the castle of my ailing heart,
love's imposing citadel arose,
and suffocating in its splendor,
perished vengeance, and hate,
and my innate, crippling fears.

From the rippled surface
of the nearby lake,
my reflection shone and glittered
and winked at an awestruck me.

My ugliness lost
in the effervescence of the new me,
it whispered a million 'thanks'
for the scar that wasn't there,
and all that, that was there.

And with the dawning day,
I strolled out of my anger,
I strolled out of my hunger,
I strolled out of my slumber.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I wonder...

I wake up in the morning
And hear the raindrops coming
I wonder if it’s raining there too
And you feel for me just the way I do

I gaze above in the open sky
And perceive the rainbow hues
I wonder if you can see it too
And find me there just the way I do

I saunter alone in a bare street
And think of you with every heartbeat
I wonder if you do it too
And get lost in me just the way I do

I stand amidst the stirring wind
And let the air pass through my skin
I wonder if it’s blowing there too
And you smell my love just the way I do

I fall trance in this forlornly night
And dream of you with open eyes
I wonder if it happens to you too
And you miss me there just the way I do

Monday, August 23, 2010

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Thursday, June 10, 2010


I've thought about this moment before
I've thought about the ways we would sever
But this, for one, is none of them.

As we stand near that same old church gate
Facing each other....with some distance
There are no thoughts
We don't speak a word and remain motionless
Staring each other........

And in this inertness of the moment,
We hear the sounds that remained unnoticed
Until now.........
Like the sound of gust of wind...making
some mesmerizing animations with her hair
The sound of chirping of birds and stirring of twigs
The sound of ringing of bells and falling of leaves

And then there are the sounds......
Of separation, misery, destruction, dissolution,
The moaning and groaning of our battered hearts
But the loudest of them the sound of silence.

As we stand here....sank in each other's eyes the stratagem of fortunes
There are no emotions
We don't quiver even as the sun starts to set

And in this strangeness of the moment
The sun slowly disappears below the horizon
As the day approaches to end...welcoming the night
We yet stand still in the faintest light
Unaware....that all of it will be lost
In a second..............

And in a sudden strangeness.....
Twilight fades and dusk breaks.....
Blackening the sky....and our lives

Now, as we stand the darkest of all nights stars in the sunlight
There are no goodbyes
We don't look back as we walk away

And that's how we part our ways...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I can wait forever...

When the sun would stop shining bright
And as darker grows the night
With umpteenth luminous points in sky
Where silence is all one could hear
In the moonlight, somewhere below
I will be waiting for you...

When the seas get dried and roses lose smell
They search for paradise in self-composed hell
Standing on thorns...surviving the pain
I will be waiting for you...

When the rainbow fades and raindrops descend
Each drop beckoning my demolished heart to mend
In the spring air...missing the lost hue
I will be waiting for you...

When going gets tough...all trials fail
Hearts get lost and sadness prevail
Amidst the falling walls, with head on knee
Still be waiting for you...

When the birds get tired of flying high
Melody forsake stimulating and feelings deny
Beyond the horizon...gloomy with desolation
I will be waiting for you...

When the hearbeat stops...eyes remain open
Dreams lie dead in the boulevard...all broken
Resting in peace...keeping the dredence
I will be waiting FOREVER...

***THE END***

Monday, October 5, 2009

Cry not for me....

Desperate......they say
Desperate......I am
And the answer to all perplexities,
That the circumstances create is...
I'm going to die.

With few days left,
Or umpteenth moments I have
I wish to live...
A million lives.

And all of ye...below the skyscape
Quit gazing the stars
For I'm yet to die
And I'm yet to shine.

Unless my heart stops beating
And my eyes, perceiving
I'm not gonna relinquish..
I'll persist my fight.

"Fight",you would say..
Is the fight for life
"No", my answer
Coz it's a fight for lives.

And now, I'm lying down..beneath the clouds
In the spring air...counting my last breaths
Betrayed by life??

I look around with hazy eyes
And see her coming close to me
Her face....glowing more than the sun
Eyes.....envying even the brightest of all stars
Oh! Those beauties in the form of dimples...fading in the pain
And the silver in her hair....shining more than ever

Wish I could live some more moments, love!
To spend those time in thy arms
And breathe thy love..this very last time.
For thy heart's my temple
Thy paradise
Thy Bible
Thy life!!

On the eyelids lie...all the droplets of memories
And deep inside the teardrops...rising from her eyes
Is where the flashback starts
Feelings....unexpressed its dusk!!

Gazing deep into her eyes...
As the flashback proceeds...
Is how I sleep...

Cry not for me, love!
For freedom they say
Is what they search all their life
So, free I am..from all the sufferings
This life behold...
But free I can't be from thy love....

Thursday, June 4, 2009

In the Upshot......

Before I start, all i wanna say is dat m not much exposed to this blogging thing..this is not only d first poem I've written but also the first one I've ever attempted..So, i'm only a beginner..n i jus hope dat u like dis 1..i'll b waiting 4 ur comments...

We meet........We depart
But memories remain..
Unfaded, Unbeeped
Director's they say.

And it aches.....yeah, it does!
Somewhere inside....inside the chest
In a structure....the so called heart.

What's next?...An array of bygones
The moments...splendid brief portions of time
When we laughed, and we cried
But we were together...happy and satisfied.

The emotions flow,...from the the eyes
Rolling down....every drop that rise.
I miss a hand to wipe them off
And a shoulder, when it feels so tough.

Now you're gone.....without a goodbye??
"It's your fault" you said
But, was it all mine??

You make a promise......
Promise of never returning back
And things they always will...

--------And, here it ends--------

And then comes a it always does!
A bit so unusual...a bit so eccentric
I look up.....I see you
I clean my eyes and slap myself
Only to check if I were in dreams......

You come running...And then you stop
With a smile on lips and tears in eyes
I give a smile..a small one though!
And then I give up...I start to cry.

I fall on knees....and weep out loud
Then I laugh...and again I cry
For the very last time........

You come closer...Ohh! that ecstatic smell..
And then I surrender...into your arms
Now we are together..

It's when I thought that things would end..
IN THE UPSHOT, a beginning was yet to come.