Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I can wait forever...

When the sun would stop shining bright
And as darker grows the night
With umpteenth luminous points in sky
Where silence is all one could hear
In the moonlight, somewhere below
I will be waiting for you...

When the seas get dried and roses lose smell
They search for paradise in self-composed hell
Standing on thorns...surviving the pain
I will be waiting for you...

When the rainbow fades and raindrops descend
Each drop beckoning my demolished heart to mend
In the spring air...missing the lost hue
I will be waiting for you...

When going gets tough...all trials fail
Hearts get lost and sadness prevail
Amidst the falling walls, with head on knee
Still be waiting for you...

When the birds get tired of flying high
Melody forsake stimulating and feelings deny
Beyond the horizon...gloomy with desolation
I will be waiting for you...

When the hearbeat stops...eyes remain open
Dreams lie dead in the boulevard...all broken
Resting in peace...keeping the dredence
I will be waiting FOREVER...

***THE END***


  1. Dev ye tera sabse achha creation hai ab tak ka.. yaar its really awesome.. i had told you that ur first poem was brilliant but this is something beyond words... ur imagination n writing skills r just mind blowing dear.... looking forward to the next one..

  2. @anam
    thnx dear..n evn m lukin 4wrd 2 nxt one aftr loneliness..n who is dat best fren refrd 2?..she's very lucky indeed

  3. @khushbu
    thnx n keep postin ur nice comments.. :-)

  4. awesome dude..can feel d pain...hope u get d 1 fr whom u hv written..even i wrote 1 poen on breakup..somewere in ma relly ur roxx

  5. nice blog man................keep it going.......
    check out my blog n post comment if u find it interesting......

  6. @vineet
    thnx buddy..actually i havnt written 4 sm1 or smthing.. Only tried 2 show passion of a dejected lover.. Nice 2 hear comments 4rm ya..

  7. @anish
    thnx dude..i'l check ur blog 4 sure..

  8. very gud concept...beautifully composed..nd narrated...touching..everything iz gr8.only 1 suggestion..the choice of words is sometimes lacking..... some phrases dont click very well or maybe few words dont go with their intended meaning..but well i m no critic...its just my opinion.
    all the best..keep "touching" ..!!! :)

  9. awesome canto...very beautifully written...i liked each and every line of it....

    i will be waiting for the next one FOREVER.... :P

  10. well..i desperately wnted sm1 to note dat forever thingy in my poems..nywayz thnx 4 ur comments..!!

    d nxt "forever" 1 will b soon comin.. :P :P