Monday, October 5, 2009

Cry not for me....

Desperate......they say
Desperate......I am
And the answer to all perplexities,
That the circumstances create is...
I'm going to die.

With few days left,
Or umpteenth moments I have
I wish to live...
A million lives.

And all of ye...below the skyscape
Quit gazing the stars
For I'm yet to die
And I'm yet to shine.

Unless my heart stops beating
And my eyes, perceiving
I'm not gonna relinquish..
I'll persist my fight.

"Fight",you would say..
Is the fight for life
"No", my answer
Coz it's a fight for lives.

And now, I'm lying down..beneath the clouds
In the spring air...counting my last breaths
Betrayed by life??

I look around with hazy eyes
And see her coming close to me
Her face....glowing more than the sun
Eyes.....envying even the brightest of all stars
Oh! Those beauties in the form of dimples...fading in the pain
And the silver in her hair....shining more than ever

Wish I could live some more moments, love!
To spend those time in thy arms
And breathe thy love..this very last time.
For thy heart's my temple
Thy paradise
Thy Bible
Thy life!!

On the eyelids lie...all the droplets of memories
And deep inside the teardrops...rising from her eyes
Is where the flashback starts
Feelings....unexpressed its dusk!!

Gazing deep into her eyes...
As the flashback proceeds...
Is how I sleep...

Cry not for me, love!
For freedom they say
Is what they search all their life
So, free I am..from all the sufferings
This life behold...
But free I can't be from thy love....


  1. honestly speaking,ur poem has brought goosebumps 2's amazing d best poem i hav ever seen.keep writing dude.u'll be one of d finest writers our country has ever produced.

  2. @rockstar

    thnx a lot dude..finest??..dats too much yaar..m jus tryin 2 b gud..dats all..dere r only a handful of readers who feel d poem while odrs jus read it..n u're 1 of d formers..gud 2 hear comments 4rm ya..thnx again.

  3. 'boltibandh yaar'..tu toh chuparustam nikla..carry day ur name will b in buks 4 SURE!!
    critics:y so melocholic??

  4. @ mysterious girl

    name in buks..well, derez no bookers 4 poems..[:)].. jokes apart,thnx a lot 4 ur comments..
    do u mean melancholic??..datz becomin my territory i guess..evn d previous poem ws a bit lyk dat..cant help it..mayb aftr few postings i start experimenting..[:P]..

  5. Bravo,superb,fantastic,fabulous,mind blowing,excellent,etc.,etc.

  6. dat etc sayz it all.. :P
    thnx bro..