Thursday, June 4, 2009

In the Upshot......

Before I start, all i wanna say is dat m not much exposed to this blogging thing..this is not only d first poem I've written but also the first one I've ever attempted..So, i'm only a beginner..n i jus hope dat u like dis 1..i'll b waiting 4 ur comments...

We meet........We depart
But memories remain..
Unfaded, Unbeeped
Director's they say.

And it aches.....yeah, it does!
Somewhere inside....inside the chest
In a structure....the so called heart.

What's next?...An array of bygones
The moments...splendid brief portions of time
When we laughed, and we cried
But we were together...happy and satisfied.

The emotions flow,...from the the eyes
Rolling down....every drop that rise.
I miss a hand to wipe them off
And a shoulder, when it feels so tough.

Now you're gone.....without a goodbye??
"It's your fault" you said
But, was it all mine??

You make a promise......
Promise of never returning back
And things they always will...

--------And, here it ends--------

And then comes a it always does!
A bit so unusual...a bit so eccentric
I look up.....I see you
I clean my eyes and slap myself
Only to check if I were in dreams......

You come running...And then you stop
With a smile on lips and tears in eyes
I give a smile..a small one though!
And then I give up...I start to cry.

I fall on knees....and weep out loud
Then I laugh...and again I cry
For the very last time........

You come closer...Ohh! that ecstatic smell..
And then I surrender...into your arms
Now we are together..

It's when I thought that things would end..
IN THE UPSHOT, a beginning was yet to come.



  1. hey yaar...ur thinkin..i mean d flow of words...EXTRAORDINARILY GUD..!!!continue it dude...tis poem luks like as if u hav really experienced such harsh feelins...if not's superb..IMAGINATION...wowiiee.!!

  2. well..i haven't experienced any such's all out of imagination.. dere's nothing auto-biographical abaah it.. thnx 4 ur compliments dear!!

  3. his poem is really awesome.It deserve a star.
    Wow! It's really great! I love your vocabulary and expression. You might want to look at the rhythm, in places like the second last line it is a bit out of kilter.
    I especially liked the ending and also the"I fall on knees....and weep out loud
    Then I laugh...and again I cry
    For the very last time........line!.
    Is there a real meaning to the pain u r suffering?but ending was so sweet...if end r well everythin goes well! I love the contemplation that must have gone into writing this poem. Very good.keep it buddy ..........u have a long way to go........

  4. bravo written yaar, i must bow myself for ur hardwork and and such and extraodinary talent...
    frankly saying based upon ur age its a lot more than to be explained in just few words.. might be we'll be having ur poems taught to our children....
    not to be joked but Agrade to it and even more if i had mah english as urs....
    best wishes

  5. awasome it would really touch any one heart ..........but plz dont think that anyone is gonna leave as u write such a wonderful poem

  6. 5 ***** STAR mAN!!! superb.
    but itna dukhi kyon....i want a happy one next time ... ;-)keep posting..!

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  9. this is surely one of the most beautiful poems i've ever read.. so touching and definitely very close to my heart.. way to go dear.. as i earlier said it is downright flat out the most beautiful thing ive ever read.. i simply loved it and im looking forward for the next one..

  10. Now dats wat i call a 'poem'.... well writtn n abve all rightly xprssd.... vry gud.. jus' go on... my best wishes r alwyz wid u....

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  13. Yaaar..mind blowin...Really wonderful... such a gud imagination....awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

    i suggest u yaar 2 continue with ur writin skills...Continue it my dear... I bet u wil b successful in dis field if u continue writin dese poems....

  14. Alrighty Dev, your piece evidently speaks aloud all the tender actions and reactions for a given context. You have done a great job with it as you say so simply
    " And it aches.....
    Somewhere inside....inside the chest
    ....the so called heart".
    which splashes the color to the whole scenario as the line before - and it ends - adds on .

    Truth rings in your linezz?

  15. Hey li'l bro! Was unaware of this cute li'l blog of yours until today. Must say I'm surprised.. pleasantly of course.

    Anyways.. save for a few minor errors, the piece is beautifully written. The thing I liked the most is, it appears to be pretty honest to its soul... n that means it has turned out pretty identical to the way it must've been intended to be. So kudos for efficient execution of thought (and the imagination)!

    Way to go, kiddo.. don't ever stop! You've got the engine, you've got the gasoline.. make sure the mileage matches up to it!

    Great work! :-)

  16. wow...great writing skill u got..nice!!

  17. @om bhaiya
    thnk ya..i'l tk cr of dat

  18. @anurag
    thnk ya buddy..[:-)]..keep commentin

  19. @anurag
    thnk ya buddy..[:-)]..keep commentin