Thursday, November 10, 2011

I wonder...

I wake up in the morning
And hear the raindrops coming
I wonder if it’s raining there too
And you feel for me just the way I do

I gaze above in the open sky
And perceive the rainbow hues
I wonder if you can see it too
And find me there just the way I do

I saunter alone in a bare street
And think of you with every heartbeat
I wonder if you do it too
And get lost in me just the way I do

I stand amidst the stirring wind
And let the air pass through my skin
I wonder if it’s blowing there too
And you smell my love just the way I do

I fall trance in this forlornly night
And dream of you with open eyes
I wonder if it happens to you too
And you miss me there just the way I do


  1. the mere thought of a guy thinking wat u'v written here adds some more colors to the beauty of the lines.
    Romantic would b an understatement.. how simple yet beautiful :)